January 11, 2011

Acid Reflux Shall Be The Death Of Me

Let me tell you, I have had it easy this whole pregnancy! My friend who is a couple weeks ahead, has had hip pain, morning sickness, the works. Me? I haven't had anything. I had nausea a few times my first trimester. Now that I am in my second, I have been fine. Lately though, I have been hit with horrible acid reflux. Normally I can take some tums and be fine. However, these past two days have been horrid! I can take tums and drink milk, but nothing helps. It will be find for maybe a minute and then it will come back, full force. It got so bad, that I couldn't sleep that well. Luckily I pass out within a few hours so I just have to work through it for a bit. I can't think of anything else to take, so I am stuck this way. Lets up this doesn't become a daily thing or I don't know what I'll do. I suppose I couldn't be lucky my whole pregnancy haha.

Besides that, I have felt fine. I haven't been doing much, but I can not WAIT until I can start walking again. This cold weather needs to warm up and I will be good to go. Hopefully by the end of this month or next month I can start walking again. I feel so out of shape! However, I am only seeing weight gain in my belly I hope! It's getting big, everyone is starting to notice. I can't wait until I have a true belly if that makes sense? hah.

I couldn't sleep last night and was up watching tv. 
Here is a picture from last night:
Crazy how big I am getting


  1. ugh yah...i hated that. it only happened a few times but it was still horrible. try sitting up when it happens?

  2. thanks, i might try that. i don't remember if it got better when i was sitting up or not. i'm just hoping it was only because of the lasagna i made hahaha.


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