January 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I know that I should have done this sooner, but procrastination is my middle name! I figured it would be nice to start keeping track of my pregnancy!

How far along: 16 weeks, 1 day
Total weight gain: Oh way too many! About 15lbs I think. I blame the holidays! :(
How big baby is: Avocado size! Which is about 4.6 inches apparently, crazy!
Maternity clothes: Currently only have one pair of maternity pants and one maternity tank. I still have one or two pairs of regular pants that still fit, but are pretty snug.
Stretch Marks: Just maybe two around my chest. Ladies are growin haha.
Sleep: Aside from getting up every four hours, I sleep pretty well. Normally around 7-8 hours.
Best moment this week: Going to the casino with my husband.
Worst moment this week: Worst day today mood wise and lack of sleep wise.
Movement: None yet :( Hopefully here soon!
Food cravings: None really anymore, but I have been eating a lot of salad ha.
Belly Button (In or Out): Still very much in.
Gender: Too early to tell, although everyone thinks it's a boy.
Labor Signs: Way too early haha; none yet!
What I am looking forward to: Feeling movement, hearing the heartbeat each appointment, finding out the sex!
What I miss: Laying on my stomach! I never really liked to before, but now that is what would be more comfortable. :(

5w,2d (on the left) compared to 16w,1d (on the right)

My belly is definitely rounding out I would say. Of course, i'm not the smallest to begin with!

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