January 12, 2011

Day One

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with 10 facts.

1. Penguins are beyond my favorite animal and I have no idea why.
2. I finally turned 21 last month, while being pregnant and I honestly didn't even care about drinking.
3. I wish to do photography as a career one day, even if it wont happen.
4. My husband and I got married after only officially dating for eight months.
5. If I could have any dream car, it would either be the newer 'stangs or the new Camaro.
6. One day I WILL own a Chinchilla; I think they are the cutest things ever.
7. I am OCD in the fact that tv/radio volume numbers have to be even or end in a zero or a five.
8. Sometimes I think I should have led a different life.
9. My weakness includes crime shows and Reeses.
10. If I could listen to music 24/7, believe me I would.

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