January 13, 2011

Day Two

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

Ms. Christina has been one of those people who I have known for many, many years now. Even if we are not doing anything, we always have fun together. Whether we are watching movies, going out to eat, wrecking havoc around the mall... We always have fun and she can make me laugh no matter what. Now that we are both living with our husbands, we still hang out. She is my pregnancy buddy; due only a few weeks before me.

There is also Libby! Even though we live in different states, she has been my e-bff for many, many years. We pretty much tell each other everything and she knows things a lot of people don't. She has been there through a lot and I have been there for her. One day I will go see her and hopefully that will be soon!

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