December 29, 2010

Meet: Tadpole

This is our lovely baby tadpole. Well, that was the ultrasound from when I was 8w4d pregnant. Now, I am a whopping 15w5d. I can't believe how far I am and how big baby is! These days, he/she is about 4inches long; the size of a naval orange. I dislike most of these food comparisons, but an orange is not bad. I just can't believe it. Everything is forming and becoming proportionate to the rest of the body. Our baby is no longer a "tadpole" so I should start calling him/her biscuit. Where do I get these names from you ask? My lovely friends of course! I never though I would love someone already, as I do with our baby. We should know the sex at the end of January 2011!!

EDD: June 17th, 2011

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