January 31, 2011

Random Update

We finally had our confirmation ultrasound as I call it! They had a hard time last time since he was curled and moving a lot. Of course he was moving this time too but he coopered better! It's definitely a BOY though. =] We also came up with the name as Liam Oden. I'm pretty excited haha. I'm just glad we got a confirmation. The tech was nice and double checked to make sure and took pictures. I was hoping we didn't have to come in a third time ha. They also got better measurements of his body so that's good. It looked like everything was growing properly, although it looked like his legs were a little behind, but maybe it's because we are both pretty short...well, more average height...I don't know ha. Things are good though!!

These are hard to see from him moving so much, but that first one is obvious haha. The other is his face on the right...the black circles are the eyes. =]

My weekend was good too. We saw No Strings Attached and had dinner with the sister in-law and her family. The movie was super funny and cute at the same time haha. I would go see it if I were you! We haven't been to the movies in ages. Then today we went to the ultrasound and then walked around a bit. It's been a long weekend. He had today off so that was good. Back to work for him tomorrow and school work for me, boo!

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