January 24, 2011

Unproductive Day...Kind Of

I spent all day thus far setting up my registries online at walmart and target. I got a little carried away and added some clothes too HA. I put all the necessary things I figured the baby and/or I would need, as well as just odds and ends that I wanted. I still have to figure out some things, but it's a great start. I'm glad to finally get the ball rolling. I know how fast babies can grow so I only chose a set of bodysuits for the newborn size, a couple items for 3 months and one item I REALLY wanted for 6 months haha. It works out because it's a Cardigan Set with a boysuit, pants and a hoodie...which works out PERFECT because 6 months-ish will be winter! Well, depending on how fast our baby grows.

I am happy with having a boy. At first we wanted a girl, but overall we were content with whatever gender. Now that i'm starting to look at things and get everything ready, i'm freakin EXCITED haha. I also have some friends who said they would help with the baby shower. Not sure yet since we need to get on that soon, but it's a start and I can't wait. Even my sister wants to fly out for it and she lives in Colorado...which isn't too far but I definitely haven't seen her in years. Overall, i'm pretty excited about our baby boy and I can't wait until he is here. Friday i'll be halfway done already so that's a big relief...and everything is looking good!=]

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