January 3, 2011

What Are With These Dreams?

I'm frankly getting a bit tired of these insane dreams I have been having. It seems like every night is something else ha. They aren't extremely weird or anything, just completely random. I will have dreams about people I haven't met yet, or friends I haven't seen in years. Surprisingly I don't remember having any dreams with my child and I don't think I was pregnant in these dreams. At least, I don't remember ever looking down at my belly. Weird, no?

I know that these dreams are normal, but I still wish they would stop. I guess you could say that is my one real symptom of being pregnant. Before, I would dream but my dreams would not be that weird and random. Plus, I normally wouldn't remember them once I woke up. With these ones, I remember everything when I wake up haha. I just find it odd.

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