February 6, 2011

Flavor That Lingers On Your Tongue

As my random post for today... This is THE best candy bar I think I have ever had. I randomly wanted chocolate and we shop at Safeway. I saw this and had to try it since it sounded good. However, I didn't know just HOW good it was. The white chocolate is creamy (btw I love white chocolate so that's a plus) and I had never had blueberries in a candy bar so why not try it? They helped add this crunch to the bar and boy did it tickle my taste buds. The flavor definitely lingers on your tongue. Anyone who hasn't tried this, GO BUY IT NOW lol. It's a bit steep for price but it was on sale so I tried it. I hate paying over like $1.50 for a candy bar so $2 was a bit much, but well worth it!

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