February 9, 2011

Hair Dye and Valentine's Day

I FINALLY dyed my hair...it was this blahh, dull dark brownish color because my old dye faded. It's darker now, closer to my natural color now which is a dark brown/black (I had a lighter brown before). I also added a red-ish color underneath for something different. However, it didn't turn out as bright as I wanted. My hair is too dark so you can only tell in the sun or when you hold it up to the light, but here is the best picture I have so far. Hopefully it will lighten up a bit in a few days or something.

For Valentine's Day, Adam wants to do something. Not sure if we are doing anything for actual Valentines day though. I kind of think it's over rated, but I still want to do something kinda. Adam has a three day weekend anyway so we could! It's just that i've never had a Valentine; 2 years ago, he was at NTC (training) for a month in Cali, then last year he was deployed. I guess that is why I want to do something this year. EVEN if it is just dinner or quality time together. I got him a Valentine's day card with penguins on it whether he likes it or not. It says "I don't need a fancy place to go or special things to do to make the moments wonderful whenever I'm with you. I don't need to have a busy day or perfect evening planned - I only need to be with you, together, hand in hand. Happy Valentine's Day to My Husband" haha. I love it and I think it's cute.

I plan on making my husband something sweet for Valentine's day. I shall not say yet since well, he may see this some how. Hopefully they turn out. I plan on posting pictures, maybe even a recipe IF my test run comes out tomorrow! I will probably wait until Valentine's day or that tuesday to post just because my husband is a snoop...so i'm sorry that it wont be here in time for the big day (unless you want it, I can message you the info)... BUT it will be lovely and maybe i'll get some great snapshots in with my lovely skills. ;) I got all sorts of colors for what i'm making! I also found these cute little boxes to display them in and tiny wrappers to place them in so it will look like store bought goodies. He better like them. If not, I will gladly eat them. =] Either way I am excited haha.
Anyone else doing anything this weekend?

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