February 17, 2011

Hear Me Out For A Sec

I usually don't like to complain in my posts, but I feel the need to do this one time haha...

Yesterday I went to an FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting with my husband because he wanted me to go since it was a mandatory one for some reason (usually it's optional and he skips out lol). It only lasted for a half hour, so it wasn't bad as he made it seem and I know some of his buddies he works with so they were nice. They guy who was talking throughout was cool too. ANYWAY, I found out a lot of upsetting information. They are starting to do a lot of crazy field work and overnight field work, changes of commands and such. Lets just say for the next month or two, I won't be seeing much of my husband. They have a four day weekend this weekend and next week it starts. Next weekend they will be gone to Yakima (which is a few hours East) and they will be there ALL weekend. Then next month they have a couple more times where they will be gone during weekends or during the week for a few days at a time. THEN April...I am heartbroken. They will be gone to the field for the WHOLE weekend of our 2nd wedding anniversary. As many of you know, he was deployed during our 1 year anniversary last year. My mood completely changed, take it to the army to screw things up. He reassured that it could change and I know this but I highly doubt it will. I'm hoping it does because I don't want to be that couple that has to wait until their 5th year anniversary before they actually celebrate it on the day. I'm just upset about the whole thing. He will be here the weekend after for the baby shower, but I was REALLY looking forward to spending that weekend together for our anniversary. It was really important to me, to us. :( We could always celebrate the weekend before since I think he might have that weekend off, but it wont be the same.

Just had to rant about the Army HA.

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