February 25, 2011

Six Months DOWN.

How far along: 24 Weeks!
Total weight gain: 17lbs so far! Not too terrible I suppose.
How big baby is: About the size of an eggplant! Average baby is about 13-14 inches and a little over a pound!
Maternity clothes:
I currently sport two pairs of maternity pants and a couple maternity shirts still.
Stretch Marks: Still finding new spots here and there over my old stretchmarks (from being bigger).
Sleep: I've been ok lately, having a hard time falling asleep though.
Best moment this week: Feeling Liam move so much!
Worst moment this week: Getting some interesting news which I wont mention.
Movement: I feel him all the time! Waiting on those kicks still, I can't wait for the husband to feel them!
Food cravings: Nothing lately.
Belly Button (In or Out): Still in, but it looks a little funny.
Gender: Boyyy still, Liam Oden! =] 
Labor Signs: None yet!
What I am looking forward to: This ultrasound workshop my doctor's office is having next month! Hellooo lots of pictures from three different ultrasound machines. =]
What I miss: Being able to tie shoes and get up from couches haha.

View my collage of 6,12,16 and 24 weeks HERE.

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