February 2, 2011

Valentines Day Linky Party

I saw this awesome link to a Valentines Day Linky Party at A Sorta Fairytale, from one of the blogs I follow and thought it was pretty neat. Feel free to join in!

My Valentine is this guy right here
Turn back history.
Think back to the summer of 2008; the end of the month of June to be precise. I had graduated fresh out of high school just a week or two prior. Just a month or so ago I had been let go from a horrible relationship; my first real relationship if you will. One night I am up late, wasting my life away on Myspace (before Facebook got so popular). Suddenly, I receive some random message from some 'weirdo' I was sure. I mind you, the only guys who randomly message me just want a little 'fun' and I was not into that. However, it did not say much, just a "hey, how are you" type message. Therefore I decided to give him a chance. After all, I have made many friends 'online' before so I figured this wasn't any different. Little did I know where that one little message would lead.

We actually ended up talking back and forth quite a bit through messages. Then we switched to yahoo messenger, which later turned into text messaging. Adam turned out to be his name; some 24 year old guy in the Army, living about an hour north from where I was living (at my dad's). We got along well and talk almost every night. However, I did not think anything of it because I was used to guys not being that into me. About a week or so later he invited me up to some 4th of July BBQ that him and his buddies were hosting at their apartment that next month. Silly me said yes for some reason. I mind you, I have met many people off the internet, but normally at the mall or some restaurant; NOT their apartment! Why was this time different? To this day I still wish I knew.

July came very quickly and I soon found myself driving that long hour to his apartment. We ended up spending a little time together before everyone else showed up. I will never forget that we both said maybe five words to each other the whole night; who knew someone was as shy as myself. However, since we started talking, I found out he graduated from my high school, but years prior. That was about the only thing we talked about; our high school days. Everyone was nice and even though we didn't say much to each other, that night was one of the best nights of my life yet. I didn't leave until well after midnight. As I left, I did not get a hug as expected or just a normal 'good-bye' but a handshake. A handshake? Really, that is what I get? I felt like some business partner or some person you meet through a mutual friend. Eventually it was more than just a handshake and from there on I came up to visit a lot; one day I just never left.

Fast forward to the present.
I am now a fresh 21 year old wife and mother to be. In the almost three years we have known each other, we managed to get married just eight short months (April '09) into the relationship (thanks to the local courthouse). Three months after that (July '09), Adam was shipped off to Afghanistan for a whole year. That was one of THE toughest things I have ever been through. A year later (July '10) he returned safely and just three months after that (October '10) we found out we were expecting our first child. Now it is February of 2011 and I am five months pregnant. We have been married for almost two years, together for almost three.  A lot has happened in our lives but I would never change a thing. He is my rock, my soul mate, my best friend. Who would have thought that one little message on Myspace would have lead to all of this?

HERE is a letter to my husband.

Join in on the fun below!

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