February 25, 2011

Washington Scenery Makes Me Happy!

Outside, on our balcony
Our cat loves to watch the snow...and birds
What makes me happy this week is our snow, here in Washington. Of course I do not like how cold it is or the fact that driving is horrible in it, but I love how it makes the scenery look. Snow makes everything beautiful I think and that makes me extremely happy. It makes the world peaceful in a way. I guess this is because not as many people are out and about. Even though it is not sunshine, it is a nice change from rain. Besides, we never get snow in February so it was a bit of a shock. Although we tend to have some pretty weird weather, especially the past few years. I have lived in Western Washington my whole life and even though I am used to the weird weather, I complain constantly. Bring on the sunshine for the rest of the month!

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