February 4, 2011

What a LONG day!!

Adam left this morning at his normal time (about 4:45am - crazy early) and of course I could not get back to sleep, which happens every once in a while. I stayed up and caught up on my shows (last night on the dvr was CSI woo). Then I slowly got ready to meet Janaya for lunch at Red Robin. I got up to the area she was at a bit early and shopped around. We got our tax return money today so I used some to buy new maternity clothes woo! I went to motherhood maternity and got THE most comfy pants ever, i'm excited to wear them!  Anyway, I needed to see my friend before she ships off to basic for the AF! So excited for her! I had a bbq chicken wrap and their fries of course! At the end, she gave me a present for the baby! It was so nice catching up and hanging out since the first/last time we met up was like a year 1/2 ago.

(The bag she put the bodysuits in...super cute)

After lunch I decided to shop some more and I ended up going to 823947923 different stores haha. It's sooo hard finding maternity shirts. I hate buying stuff online so I have to go in store and it's hard! I finally found a white tank top (I have a black one already) and a SEVEN dollar shirt (80% off..loveee clearance) at JC Penny! The tank is maternity and the shirt isn't, but it's a bit big so it works! I also got new shoes because my skate shoes kill my feet now that i'm pregnant (skate shoes are usually the most comfy because I have really big/wide feet)... SO I went to payless and did the bogo sale. I got Champion plain white athletic shoes. The ladies there were super nice and one told me they were really comfy so I tried them and I LOVE them. I can't wait to wear them, seriously haha. Then I got another pair... except gray flats. I figured I needed something more 'dressy' besides athletic shoes HA. I got insoles just incase because I have arches and my feet don't tend to like flats...but we will see. I kept the tag on for now.

(my score today...plus a better picture of the gray flats)

Overall, it was a very LONG but successful day! I'm glad to have another pair of maternity pants, you don't even know. Now i'm finally relaxing at home. Adam is still not home...he's working a long night for some reason. :(

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