March 24, 2011

Six hours and three days later...

I FINALLY finished the letters to go on Liam's dresser!
How did I do this you ask? No, not paint. Although I do wish ha.
I used good old scrapbook paper from JoAnn's fabrics (love that store).
For the stand, I just had the left over green that I cut out dots from.
I also used a white paint marker for the dashes! Pretty cleaver, huh? ;)
I would like to think so. I am very proud of how it turned out!
I can't wait to put it on his dresser, whenever I finally find one!

Other than that excitement, I hope to start his memory box here soon.
I need more projects for his room, any ideas? Let me know!
I may decorate some wooden frames to put up but who knows yet.
I am definitely in a crafty mood though.

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  1. Love it! Those colors are so cute together, kind of remind me of the coconut lime lotion from bath & body works :)


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