March 13, 2011

Sorry If I Am MIA...

This whole weekend, my husband has been away at work in the field training BOOO. The army knows how to mess things up. He was supposed to be home today but of course not. So I have been hanging out with friends to get out of the apartment. Anyway, so I am sorry if I have been MIA... and I am sorry if I am a bit MIA this week. It is my FINAL week of college...EVER. Well, for my AA anyway for now haha. I believe I have an A or B+ in my class so far so I need to focus on this final week since I have a final test and an essay due friday eek. 

I will hopefully have something crafty to post here in a week or two!! I wanted to get started on stuff for Liam's room so I got white wood letters that spell out L-I-A-M and holders so I can set them on his dresser (which I still need to find)... and I got some scrapbook paper to decorate it with! I was going to paint them originally but decide that would go badly! I will post pictures whenever I finish it, but the idea will kind of be like this:
I have a solid brown color and then some different colored green/yellow/red polka dot type things (different sizes) both that are scrapbook paper... so I think I will alternate like above with solid on either top or bottom. I'm pretty excited haha. I ALSO got one of those huge scrapbook storage boxes like:
I got some other scrapbook pages to decorate it with (hopefully it will work well like the letters do) and I will decorate the top with jungle animals and his name (since the theme is jungle)... and I will use the box to put keepsakes in...such as his baby book (if I ever buy one), he 'firsts' like christmas ornaments and such... or newpaper from the day he is born..stuff like that. I am pretty excited. My husband doesn't know I got all this stuff yet so I hope he likes it! I just want to start decorating already.

So that is what is going on the next week or two so if I am MIA- sorry! Lots going on haha.

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