April 26, 2011

Baby Shower!

Ok! I have just enough time before my computer dies. Anyway - I finally got pictures uploaded!! 

The baby shower went great! We went to the lounge to start decorating around noon. Guests started arriving around 12:45pm-ish. We mostly just mingled and ate lots of yummy food. Then we played a couple games and opened presents and had cake! It ended right around 3 and we got done cleaning up around 4pm. Although we were slow...which included letting the balloons go in the air lol. We were quite entertained! I was bummed though because a lot of people made it (maybe 18-20 somewhere around there) but I had so many people who said they were coming a few days prior and just never showed. I HATE when people do that. They could have at least said they couldn't make it, not like I would be hurt. Life happens. Some did, but that's ok! Anyway - Aside from that it was great! The cake was amazing that my friend made and the games were entertaining...especially "cant say baby." I had my brother on my dad's side come down from their place that's about 3 hours away. I also had one of the brothers on my moms side and his wife come down from their place that's about an hour or hour 1/2 away. It was nice that so many people came from all over. I love it!! I got lots of great stuff but not as much as I thought haha.

I went to Target yesterday to use the gift card my sister got me and bought some stuff, including his crib set! Well and I got some other stuff. Now we are waiting for next month because the MIL is hosting a baby shower at their place so that will be nice. We haven't seen his family in a little while.

All in all - I'm glad I have such wonderful friends and family. They made my baby shower a lot of fun and I even saw some who I haven't seen since high school graduation almost 3 years ago - how insane!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! HERE are the pictures!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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