April 22, 2011

EIGHT months; holy cow!!

How far along: 32 weeks!
Total weight gain: 23lbs so far :( I wont know anymore until my next appointment on monday.
How big baby is: He is about the size of a
Jicama (looks like a large turnip). Average baby is about 3.75lbs and 16.7 inches long...wow!
Maternity clothes: Same old same old. Think I'm good for the rest of the pregnancy!
Stretch Marks: I don't think I have noticed anything new.
Sleep: Sleep has surprisingly been ok lately. Although I wake up during the night to pee hahaha.
Best moment this week: Getting Liam's nursery furniture all done! Now I can focus on everything else.
Worst moment this week: This round ligament pain is redic!!
Movement: Constant! I love it.
Food cravings:
Thanks to friends, I want chips and salsa! BUT there will be some at the baby shower so I'm excited haha.

Belly Button (In or Out): Still in!
Gender: Mr Handsome!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks (though they have laid off a bit) and sooo much round ligament pain. :(
What I am looking forward to: Baby shower TOMORROW; excited!
What I miss: Sleeping through the night without having to get up to pee all the time and having this pain.

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  1. Yay! Have fun at your baby shower! I hope you get lots and lots of wonderful stuff =)


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