April 7, 2011

Feeling Crafty

My husband has field today, overnight BOOO. Well, they will probably get back around midnight and just stay on post...and get off at like 9am or something tomorrow and have a three day weekend with monday off so I guess I shouldn't complain haha. This can give me an excuse to do some stuff. I am in a very crafty mood for some reason and I have some running around I want to do today. Hopefully I don't get as tired. I went to target with a friend yesterday and was so worn out EVERYTHING hurt. :( BUT this is my plan... I found these online because I wanted to do something with fabric but since I have no sewing machine it has to be simple soo...HELLO fabric foam blocks!! I'm pretty excited because I can sew it by hand and JoAnns has some really cute fabric! Hopefully I can find something good!!

I have also been trying to figure out wall art and so I think I might go to the fedex office to the photo station and print these out in 8x10's to frame and hang on the wall. I'm not sure about the last one, but probably the first 3. I tried to find some NOT so baby-ish so I could use them long but these ARE cute. =]

I am out of other ideas for now, but that's my project today! Everything is now at walmart for the nursery EXCEPT the darn chair (tracking shows it in PA 3 days ago) so it should be here by saturday or monday I would think. It says arrival should be monday, but I am hoping earlier or at least that morning because Adam has that day off so my dad can come up with his truck. Then I'll have lots to do putting that dresser together during the week. I'm excitedddd haha.

Anyone else feeling crafty?

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