April 18, 2011

What A Day...

Today was a good day! The sun was out and it was really nice. I decided to finish putting together Liam's dresser and the clean the apartment a bit. Well, I didn't get very far because my friend text me and wanted to go look at baby stuff. She's due in about a week! Anyway, I met her at her place on post and then she drove us around. We went to some consignment shops that have used baby clothes and such but didn't find anything amazing so we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch of soup, salad and breadsticks lol. Then we checked out Borders because the one up by her is closing (not the one by me) and I found a few books!! I was excited haha. I was bummed that they didn't have any children's books left, but I found a huge illustrated Civil War coffee table book for Adam (he REALLY wanted a coffee table book) that is originally $75!!! Well it was in the bargain section AND additionally 30-40% off so it turned out to be $6.98 or something like that. HOW INSANE lol. Then I found a couple books for me, that are all murder/mystery. They were all around $14, on sale for around $9 so I was happy. In the end I got ALL 4 for $35! After that, we went to Babies R Us. I wish I could buy like...everything haha. She got some cute sunglasses for her soon to be daughter. She also showed me this dinosaur bedding they got. It's new...they have one already online that is a dark maroon and looks more for older kids BUT this one is cute and baby-ish. I WANT IT SO BAD. Adam and I want him to like Dinosaurs haha. I wanted to keep the bedding kind of neutral but I saw that and I HAVE to have it. I just don't want to change the 'theme' last minute AND that set is like twice the price of the one we originally want since it's at BRU and the jungle one is from Target. Anyway, Adam said we should get it but I have decided that I will see what happens with the baby shower and if we don't have ALL jungle stuff I will totally get it... because it is 928734729 times better than the jungle one I wanted. I just don't know what to doooo lol. ANYWAY after that we came back and I hung out at her place for an hour since it was rush hour. When I came home I finished the dresser!! Now I can share pictures of the room! I can't wait until we get everything and the room is a little more decorated.

The books I scored!

Organizer and dresser (frame says
"A baby brings life new meaning")
Changing table (that I need to clear)
Glider and empty Crib with my Lion

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