May 24, 2011

Depressing Post of the Day

Fair warning - I need to vent because I'm pretty depressed now ha. I had my last two week doctor appointment today. From here on I'll be going once a exciting. However, I gained like 12lbs or something in the last two weeks. Tell me - HOW does someone do that?! I haven't even been eating that bad. I think in the last two weeks I have had only a couple slip ups and had a little candy or ice cream (husband doesn't help). Seriously though, TWELVE POUNDS though?! COME ON. I hope that scale is messed up haha. That brings my total weight gain to 46lbs I think. Or something close to that. Now I know that is not bad at all, but for me it is! I was overweight before I even got pregnant. At first I thought 'this isn't so bad' because I was only gaining 3-4lbs a month. I know it goes up in your last trimester, but not this much! I think if I wasn't so overweight before I got pregnant, I wouldn't care as much. My OB could have gone without the whole 'you need to watch your weight' speech. It really made me feel down.

Not only that, but he said that Liam is still feeling large. I sure hope he is wrong, but I DO look pretty big ugh. I really don't want a C-section. It's not the fact that I will be cut open or anything like that because surgery and needles don't bother me. It's the fact that you can't really see anything, you're not pushing, they hold the baby up for a picture and to see him/her and then they snatch the baby away. I want to go vaginally and him on my chest to hold as soon as it's all over. I like the closeness of it all, unlike a C-section. If you are understanding me? I guess though if he's big, he's big. Nothing I can really do.

To add on to my awesome day, I need more contacts! I stopped using them when I got pregnant because my eyes didn't like them for some reason - so I've been wearing my glasses. Anyway, I am sick and tired of my glasses so I want contacts back before Liam gets here. Well, it's been a year since my eye exam. Since the husband is in the Army, we have Tricare. However, they do not cover the contacts part of the eye exam. They only cover the glasses part - SO there goes $159! PLUS my box of contacts is like $70 so there goes a bunch of money. :( It really makes me sad but I haven't had any at least 6 months so I saved SOME money haha.

Other than that - today is ok. I need to start cleaning and doing Liam's laundry before he's here... busy,busy,busy.

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