May 19, 2011


It seems like the closer I get to Liam being here, the more excited I become. At first, the closer I got, the more nervous and scared I was. Now that I am realizing how much I want him here, I am getting more excited than scared (which I am sooo glad). I visited one of my best friends whom I have known since forever who recently had her baby boy. Seeing how in love she is with him and holding him, helping her out, makes me even more excited for Liam to be here. I think that is when it really sank in. She has her precious baby boy and I am next. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow so it's pretty much game on at any time. I would prefer to make it to June, but he will be ready when he is ready. We have everything ready for him. I want to be able to wash all of his stuff and clean up the apartment good, but my nesting hasn't really kicked in. I wish it would so I could be doing that instead of sitting around all day bored haha. I also need to call a pediatrician for him but worst case, I will have to just call when I am in the hospital (NOT what I want though haha).

On another note, I have been having some serious back pain. People are asking how far apart and saying that they hope I don't have back labor. However, I don't think it is anything dealing with labor quite yet. Although, who knows. I mean, I only have this pain maybe 4 times the whole entire day, MAX. It's not like I have a couple in one hour or what have you. Plus, I had minor back pain at the beginning of my pregnancy. All I can do is wait and see though. I have a check up tuesday morning so I will bring it up to my doctor. After that I will be going weekly so that will be good. Other than that, not much has been happening. I have just been making sure I have everything ready for him. My husband is getting super excited too, it's cute. The other day he said 'goodbye' to Liam as he went to work. LOVE it. :) Our time will come soon!

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