May 30, 2011

My Goodness...

I have not posted on here in ages! I REALLY need to think of some clever things to start blogging about before I lose all you wonderful followers!! I promise to have a good post tomorrow, for sure! The husband and I went on a slight adventure yesterday and I finally got to take some lovely pictures of scenery and such! I haven't gotten a chance to do some photography work in ages. I have my weekly doctor appointment tomorrow at 10:45am and then I should be able to upload the pictures and blog once I get home. It will be an afternoon post, even though I try to post in the morning. Oh well, my blog needs some love! Or you can just help me out and grab my button to spread the love. Any ideas? I need to get my blog up and rolling again! I know that soon things will be crazy since at some point Liam needs to make an entrance. However, I read some blogs of you wonderful ladies who have recently had a child or have a crazy hectic family. You still manage time to blog and I need to as well!! I love you all and thank you for still following me! I hope you all had a good weekend!

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