May 31, 2011

What A Weekend!

Now that I finally have the time - I can tell you all about this past weekend. It was actually fairly boring, but my husband and I DID decide to go on a random adventure Sunday haha. We decided to go up to Snoqualmie Falls and I mind you, it is about an hour 1/2 away. What a drive that was, but it was nice! We had a really good time and I think it was something we really needed before Liam got here. I'm so glad the pregnancy is going fairly well so that I can still go run around like this. The next week or so though I think we will be staying fairly close to home. I get too paranoid haha. Anyway, we checked out the falls, as well as went downtown and look at the Railway Museum. It was all pretty neat! I wish I got pictures of downtown because it has that old rustic, downtown feel and it was neat! We also went towards the pass and explored this HUGE lake Adam found from going to Yakima so much for military training. It was so cold there was still snow! Anyway - it was a nice day and I am glad we went, despite the drive up.

Now some pictures since I FINALLY got to use my camera.

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  1. I love the pictures and I am so GLAD that you guys went and had a GREAT time! I miss you!!


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