June 6, 2011

Can We Start Freaking Out Now?!

The Army likes to mess up everything! I have eleven...ELEVEN days until my due date! Now, who knows when Liam will come... but seriously...any day now!! My husband has to work late this week, this weekEND, AND next week. :( So long story short, I will hardly get to see him. Fingers crossed that Liam wants to arrive soon so that Adam wont have to work late that whole time. I'm super worried he will be at work when I go into labor because we live 25 mins from where he works on post. I mean, I have friends who know and will help me out if I need it - but they work, have their own lives... and it's just hard. I guess we will see though. I'm just a worry wart. All I want is for Adam to be here, so we can go through the whole labor ordeal together but that's the military for ya. Only time will tell...eek.

On another note - I'm sorry I haven't been posting much! Also, that I have only been posting about Liam. My life is too uneventful at the moment! I need other things to post about haha.


  1. Awww sounds like this is stressful! You should contact a friend or two who are on stand by if it happens that Adam is at work. That way, they know in advance if they need to help you. Hope it works out that Adam is there for everything. Seems kinda dumb they would schedule him for all that.

    Also, I LOVE that you post about LIam. It's exciting to see the steps :)

  2. It IS! haha. I know no matter what he will be there, it's just getting to the hospital if he's not. I DO have contacts..and my dad is 30 mins away...but still, ya know? I hate relying on others ha. I know, I wish they were more understanding...but that's the military for ya ha.

    Thank you! I like it to keep track. Although it would be nice to blog more about others stuff too, not just him (not like Liam is a bad thing lol).


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