June 22, 2011

Get Down With The Sickness

Ok, so...not really, BUT I am sick. :( BOO. The Mr had a sore throat for two days and is fine now. However, now I am the one with a sore throat and an ache head, with a stuffy nose. I'm just trying to relax for now since labor could be any day, IF my body wants to cooperate. If not, I'll probably be induced next week sometime I'm sure. We will see at my appointment Friday. On a better note (TMI) - I lost my mucus plug last night! Well a nice big chunk (probably most of it) and then I lost two smaller pieces two different times this morning. Ever since then, I have been feeling crampy and achy down there...as if mother nature was about to strike for the month. Nothing is time-able or anything like contractions..just a constant ache. Fingers crossed this means something will happen soon. I know that even if you lose it, the plug can come back or you may not go into labor for weeks even. However, I would like to think there is some hope there! I really want our little man to come on his own and NOT be induced. For now, my friend brought me raspberry leaf tea, which I LOVE her for. She ran all over trying to find it for me haha. I shall drink that while watching tv and laying down under a blankie on the couch. ;) At least until the Mr gets home later. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!! I hope all you followers are doing well! I'll have to catch up on blogs later!


  1. Yay! Hopefully little man comes soon =)

  2. Hope he comes soon! Hoping to hear some news from you soon =) woo

  3. Thank you both! Nothing yet, but I keep having stuff happen haha. I have yet to feel contractions but maybe i'll be someone who doesn't feel them until active labor HA; that would be my luck. I'll update after my dr appt since it's friday (day's I do pregnancy progress)! :)


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