June 13, 2011


Sorry my dear followers for being MIA the past few days. No, Liam is not here yet. I wish my absence meant that but it doesn't. He seems nice and cozy in there and apparently just wants to be late. I only have four more days until my due date. I even went to Walmart with my dad today just to get some walking in HA. I hope you're doing well and I am still catching up on blogs. I just am lacking in mine. The husband and I are getting very anxious for him to arrive. Even my dad is, it's cute. I'm pretty sure I almost gave these older ladies a heart attack when I told them my due date was friday.


  1. Just found your site. Looking forward to the day that you post about the new arrival!! I'll be back to read more.

  2. Cant wait to hear about his arrival! Hang in there!!


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