June 30, 2011

Welcome Liam Oden

Liam Oden was born on Sunday, June 26th 2011 at 8:34pm (pacific time) via c-section. He weighed in at 9lbs 2.2oz and 18 inches long.

I had my check up on Friday the 24th and I was currently 41 weeks on the dot that day. They finally figured that an induction would take place the following Tuesday (the 28th). When my OB had checked, I was still not dilated at all and barely thinned out. I am not going to lie; I was a bit upset and irritated because I did NOT want an induction. I was really hoping my body would go on its own and I could deliver vaginally. Well, my husband and I went back home and didn't think anything would happen. Little did I know, the contractions started that afternoon around 2pm. They were very irregular, but were still anywhere from 4-12 minutes apart. I started getting a bit excited because up until then, I had never felt a contraction. The following day, I kept feeling the contractions. They were mostly in my back and would spread to my abdomen. Later on that night, I kept feeling the contractions get a bit stronger and decided to start timing them. They ended up being 7 minutes apart on the dot. I finally decided to call the on-call doctor because they were hurting pretty bad. They basically told me what I figured they would; that I should wait until they are at least 5 minutes apart, unless I want to try to come in then. I decided against it and continued to monitor. Little did I know, the next morning would change everything.

The past two nights, Liam had caused such horrible back pain that it would cause me break down and not be able to sleep. The next morning Adam told me to call the hospital because he could tell how much pain I was in. I ended up not doing that, but calling my dad instead. He said he would come up right away and that we should call L&D. Once I called and explained all my pain, they had me come right in. My dad ended up driving us there (about 10-15 minutes away) around 11:30 and we went with the intention that the contractions were nothing yet. Once at the hospital, they got me all checked in and check my vitals; all that jazz. Well, I had told them that I was kind of starting to leak a little fluid but I didn't think it was my water at first because it only happened when I had to use the bathroom. They ran a swab up there and when it came out, the tip was a bit green (which means meconium). They also said I had a bulging bag of water so I am sure that didn't help. From there, everything was crazy to the point where I could hardly keep up.

They moved me to an actual room and told me that I was 7-8cm dilated already. SEVEN to EIGHT?! I didn't even know how to handle the news. I mean, I was just at my OB's office and wasn't dilated. Two days later, they tell me I am almost 8 solid cm?! They then asked if I wanted an epidural and I did since the back pain was horrible. They must have had 5 different doctors and nurses in there, trying to get things done fast. They ended up getting my IV in so I could get the epidural started around 1pm. Let me tell you - it was THE weirdest thing ever, but it felt amazing after. I had never been in so much pain before then. Once that was over and done with, they would check and I was a solid 8cm and then 8-9 and finally 9cm solid. However, they started checking his head and it would not come down far enough.

They ended trying pitocin to get things moving better to see if the stronger contractions would make his head come down. Unfortunately every time they would use it, Liam's heart rate would drop. What a scary experience that was! The staff was amazing and he was back to normal in no time. After trying this three times, they kind of gave up and thought it would be better to go ahead and do a C-section. Adam had talked to one of the doctors later on and apparently they said that my pelvis was probably not going to fit his head. I was really bummed at first and got so upset, but they need to do whats best. Well, we all got dressed and headed in for the c-section around 8pm.

About a half hour later, Liam was born. They then closed me up and sent me off to the recovery room for two hours. They couldn't get him to cry at first but we eventually heard it. Since there was meconium, they wanted him to go to the nicu. However, they let him come back to me about an hour later because he as doing just fine.

I never knew I could love someone or something so small. He is truly the best thing to happen to me and I don't know what I would do if we didn't have him. I am so sore (mostly from the gas pressure) but I am doing ok. Breastfeeding is going ok, but could be better. He needs to latch on better though. We are just glad he is finally here, through all the waiting and anticipation. There is no feeling alike. Adam has been great through everything; from labor, to the c-section, to helping me rest from the c-section, to being an amazing father to Liam. I love my little family!


  1. Yippeee! Congrats! He is so handsome! What a wild ride it sounds like but I am glad he is a healthy cute baby boy!

  2. Congrats, he looks so so cute :)

  3. Congrats! He is adorable and I love the name!

  4. Thank you all, i'm so glad he is finally here! =]

  5. CONGRATS! First off - THANK You for posting your birth story when your life must be so hectic right now! LOVE reading stories like this! Sorry that you had such a scary experience, but yay for him finally being here and being healthy!!

  6. Congrats! Your adorable baby boy is finally here!!! :-)

  7. Thanks for linking up with the New Years hop! Your little boy is beautiful! And you made it to 41 weeks? Eish! My son was also large at birth- he was 10 pounds, 8 ounces. Big babies are the cutest!

  8. thanks for linking up heleen! i didnt know you still blogged. you changed your url or something!
    and i love this post :)

  9. Thank you both! Yeah I don't know how I made it that far haha, but I wasn't that much in pain other than my back hurting a bit. Hopefully if we have another one later on, I wont have to wait that long lol.

    Krista - yeah I am trying to get back in it. Although my blog is no where near as exciting and entertaining as yours! ha. Yeah I think my old url was something dealing with just Liam and I wanted to make it into an 'everything about my life' type blog so I changed it...and it messed everything up lol.

  10. So happy to be following from the New Year New Followers Blog Hop! Hope to see you around the bloggy world soon:)



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