July 31, 2011


I am sure slacking on my blog. Things have been pretty crazy with Adam working all day during the week and then taking care of our monster. We ended up getting on WIC though!! Since breastfeeding isn't going the way I want, it's good to have all that formula on hand. I mind you, I am STILL toughing out nursing though! I haven't quite given up yet. My goal was a month and it has been 5 weeks so far!! By the way, I still can't believe Liam is 5 weeks old today, how insane. Time seriously needs to slow down!! Although at our WIC appt, we found out that Liam is now 10lbs, 7oz! He is sure growing!

On another note: I finally made birth announcements today for the family and friends who want them. I had a thing on shutterfly for $20 off so that was nice! I found a free shipping code too so instead of paying $36, we paid $12, which isn't bad at all.


  1. ADORABLE ANNOUNCEMENT! how precious :D

    i will let you know about the bullet for sure.

  2. Love the announcement! So cute! I am glad you got on WIC breastfeeding sure can be tough.

  3. So so so cute! I think I just gained cavities just looking at him!


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