July 19, 2011

Hectic Times

Sorry followers for I have been MIA a bit. My husband finally went back to work as normal so I have been trying to get used to having Liam 24/7 pretty much. Especially since he works 12 hour days (good old Army for ya). It hasn't been too bad at all, although today Liam has been especially fussy! No matter what I do, he cries. He hasn't gotten on my nerves though, luckily. I just wish I could calm him down. :( Aside from that, I haven't been doing much. Although yesterday I finally got together with two of my friends who each have two little ones. I was happy to get out of the house a bit and let them see Liam, since I haven't seen them since I was still pregnant. It was nice to have some 'girl' time as well since I have been around just Liam and Adam lately. I can't wait until Liam is a little older so we can have play dates. Right now it's more of just getting the mommies together haha.

Thought I would share some random shots of Liam from yesterday! Can't believe he's THREE weeks old!

ahahaha his curly hair!
Holding his head up like a champ!

Looks so much like Adam here


  1. He is so precious!! Three weeks sure have flown by!

  2. Liam is SO adorable! Omg. You are so blessed! *stopping by from FTLOB* xo


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