July 10, 2011

Two Weeks Postpartum

Time sure does fly by!! 
I can't believe my son is two weeks already; TWO WEEKS!! How on Earth did he get so big already?! I wish time would slow down just a little. I can't believe how much I love this little guy.  He has another appointment tuesday so we will see how big he is. Keep in mind, he was 9lbs, 2.2oz when he was born. Then he dropped down to 8lbs, 2oz at his first check up (but gained 4oz the next day once we supplemented formula). He has to be his birth weight at least, but probably closer to 10lbs already. None the less, I love all his chunky-ness.

As for me, I am slowly getting back to normal. I had my check up Friday and found out that I am already down 26lbs about. That makes me SO happy, you don't even know.  My stomach is a lot smaller too. I mean, it's all lumpy and feels weird but I am sure you mama's know what I mean. Hopefully it will go down more, but we will see. I've always had trouble losing weight. All I need is to lose about 20-25lbs more and I will be back at my pre-pregnancy weight! I'm hoping to lose even more than that though. We will see!!


  1. Congratulations :-) It great to hear that you're adapting to motherhood so well!!! I can only imagine how special this is!!

    Just stopping by from comment love!

    PS- Your blog layout is so cute!

  2. Congratulations on your baby boy!


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