August 30, 2011


I just want to say how excited I am to go grocery shopping lol. I have lots of coupons because I started recently buying the sunday paper at the dollar store (before that I just printed off coupons). We are going to hit up the commissary on post friday and i'll pick up Adam from work. For a few other things like wic we will go to the walmart near by. I have coupons for any size visine and colgate toothpaste so i'm going to look at walmart in their travel section. Even if they are tiny, it will be free with those coupons. I also have my favorite coupon which is a 'check' I got from Similac (I have a bunch) for $10 off. Well it doesn't say to use like a coupon but like a check so I will use that with a $5 off manufacture coupon and a $2 off target coupon all at target towards the big 1lb tub. Grand total will be like $3 or something like that;how amazing! I also have a coupon that has tequitos on sale at Safeway for $2.99 with a manufacture coupon for $1 off, making them about $2. I have a coupon for playtex tampons on sale at Safeway for $3.49 and a manufacture coupon for $2 off so I get those bad boys for little over $1!! I don't know why but all that makes me happy haha. Adam jokes that I will be an extreme couponer one day.

Do any of you coupon? I'm sure free or almost free stuff makes you happy like me.

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