August 18, 2011

Day Three: Eight Fears

Day three: Eight fears

[One] Death; specifically dying alone or in a painful way. When the time comes, it better be in my sleep lol.

[Two] Not being the best mother I can be to my child or children.

[Three] Someone harming my family.

[Four] Getting into an accident, especially if my son is in the car. There are some stupid drivers out there.

Getting in serious trouble. I have been in 'trouble' before but I don't think I could last in jail or anything like that.

[Six] Heights; I'm not the biggest fan but I LOVE rides and roller coasters.

[Seven] Elevators; I ran into one when I was little and got separated from family. I don't mind going in them now as much, but there is always that thought. Or if it got stuck!

[Eight] Not having my husband come back from a deployment. I can't even imagine...

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