September 9, 2011

I love coupons. =]

I got all of this for $25!!

2 packs of size 3 diapers (96ct each) - $20
2 things of Welchs Grape Juice - $3
Colgate Max toothpaste - $1
K-Y Jelly - FREE

So this is what happened. On the diapers, Babies R Us and Toys R Us were having a deal on the 21-29ct or whatever on the Huggies Jean Diapers for $5. Well, mine was out and so they called into the store that's in Tacoma (which is about 35 mins away). I go all the way up there and it turns out they held the big packs you see above, which are NOT the $5 ones. So they talk to the manager and she marks them down (they were originally like $22.99 or something but BRU has them on sale for 2 for $40). ANYWAY - she marked them down to $10 each for me because of the mix up!! That is great! I was pretty happy. I got twice as much for the price of the 4 packs at $5 I was originally going to get. For the juice, Safeway has them for $2.99 each, but I have a coupon for $1.99 each...AND another coupon for $1 off of two juices. That made the total for both $3. Then I had a $0.50 off coupon for the toothpaste and my friend saw them at Walmart for $1.50 so that was a dollar. THEN I had $3 off any K-Y jelly and it was $2.80 something so that was a steal AND I made like $0.30 towards my bill. =]

I'm starting to get ahang of this couponing stuff. Everything I got normally would have cost like $55 or so!

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