October 9, 2011

Football Makes Me Happy

I love Sunday's. They consist of waking up with a happy baby and the Mr, followed by running to Walmart real fast to grab the paper (for coupons of course) AND watching football ALL.DAY.LONG. Mostly I watch my Seahawks play and boy did they pull through today. We played the Giants at their stadium. Jackson (our QB) was looking really good, until third quarter when he got hurt. Then Whitehurst came in. I was glad he got a little playing time and he luckily, wasn't doing too bad. It was such a good game. We were close the WHOLE game and then we just kicked ass at the end and pulled through. We won 36-25. I love days like this. Warm Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee, good football games and my two boys (three I suppose if you count our cat).

Do you love Sunday's? What are your 'traditions?'

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