October 26, 2011

Four months!

Liam is four months old today!! I can't believe it. He also had his check up as well. He's doing great. He is 15lbs 2oz and 24 1/3 inches long! He is in the high 60 for % on both weight and height. His head is in the 80s for % haha but he is doing good. The dr said he has strong lungs, a strong heart beat and strong stomach. He barely has a soft spot anymore as well and we got the ok to do solids. Baby cereal isn't a biggy for us since we don't need it to fill him or help him sleep. It will be nice to just start him on something different though! Oh and he got two shots and the oral today. He was champ on the first shot, but cried on the second. He stopped instantly once I picked him up though

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