October 28, 2011

Life Changes...

Randomly, my husband brought up something. He mentioned the Paleo diet. For those of you who don't know what that is, simply read about it here. Basically, it's a low-carb diet sort of. My husband and I have decided that we both want to lose some weight and become healthier. After having Liam, I gained a lot of weight in my hips and butt area lol. I basically went up two pant sizes; TWO. That makes me so depressed. I lost half of my pregnancy weight really quickly. It's just the rest I need to get rid of. Although I did gain 50lbs during my pregnancy. I want to be a healthier 'me' for Liam. When he gets old enough to run around, I want to be able to chase him. I want to be healthier for whenever we have another child (few years from now, don't worry ha). Granted, I know that I will never be super skinny. My body is definitely not built for that. I have a big structure, but even so I can still lose some weight and be healthier.

This diet doesn't even seem that bad. Sure, we have to cut out pasta and all that good stuff...BUT we can have all the meat in the world. We can have butter, fruits, and veggies. At first it sounded horrible and difficult, but the more I research, the easier it sounds. My husband knows a bunch of people who have had success from it. No harm in trying it for a while. Half of the stuff we normally eat, we can have with this diet anyway. Plus, there are certain steps for this diet. What I mean is that you don't have to be as strict as some people. You make it work with your body and lifestyle. For instance, some people will cut out coffee, but my husband will continue to drink his. It will mold and shape to our own lives. I hope it helps because it would be wonderful to be healthier. I'm sure we will start more walks and such too (permitting nice enough weather of course).

Here's to new changes in life!


  1. Aw you can do it! Being a diabetic, I have to eat low carb stuff. It really isn't much different then eating normally. I'd also suggest, when you want that sugar crave. They have mini things. I usually will make cake balls, and eat 1 for the day. I don't have them everyday, but it's perfect!

  2. I forgot to add haha... we are going to have like one cheat day a week for when we want sweets or something! =] I totally forgot - I could have asked you for insight haha. Thanks! The more I looked into it, the easier it sounds! I don't mind since it doesn't impact our meat ;) haha.

  3. good luck! it sure is tough isn't it!?! I have such a hard time "dieting" so i try to work out to maintain my weight. as you can see from my blog, i love to cook and eat food! :) but i was blessed that after both of my pregnancies i lost over 10-15 lbs more than what i gained in pregnancy. thank goodness!


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