November 17, 2011

It's Ok

I'm linking up through the lovely Ashley over at Celebrating Life as an Army Wife.

It's OK... feel different after having a child (I know for the time being i am definitely not the same). want some alone time every once in a while (using mine to clean and blog up ha). want to be better at blogging so that followers will want to come back. be excited for dinner (because I was until I found out my husband wouldn't be home in time - butternut squash soup and chicken sandwiches; maybe tomorrow). try new foods and experiment (I found out I HATE pork rinds, but I like the bbq ones).

...that cold weather is here (because it is an excuse to eat tons of soup, drink lots of hot chocolate and snuggle up with my favorite men).

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  1. If I was there I would babysit adorable Liam so you can have some alone time. Thanks for linking up!


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