November 5, 2011

I've Come To Realize...

How fast holidays are coming up and how busy we will be!

Ok so we wont be that busy, but lets face it - winter is such a crazy time. Who's idea was it to have all these holidays so close anyway? This month, I want to do black friday again. I ventured out last year and it wasn't bad. I just got some cheap blu ray dvds! I'm just glad we live in a smaller city than say, Seattle! So it isn't too terrible. I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving though. I love, love, LOVE turkey and pumpkin pie. Hopefully we can have some left overs for turkey sandwiches. Those are my favorite. I'm sure we will be going down to the in-laws too. They always have an amazing dinner. Those are pretty much the two big things for November.

As far as December goes, we have my birthday on the 20th and then Christmas time after that! I'm not sure yet what we will be doing. Probably going to the in-laws again ha. I'm not even sure if we are exchanging gifts between the husband and I. Shows how much we have figured out. I know that we will be getting our awesome fake tree out of storage to put up. We also need to get a stocking for Liam because I say so. ;) I love Christmas time. All the smells and traditions. Although we don't really have any yet as a family but maybe we can start something. Liam will also be SIX months old the day after Christmas. How crazy is that? I swear we just found out we were pregnant and now he's here. It's always surreal.

I'm thinking that the first Saturday in January, we might be getting pictures done - professional pictures. The end of December is hard, so I figured that would be easier (if we can get that day booked). As long as it isn't snowing or anything, I think it will be fun. I have a gift card for this studio in Tacoma, which is about a half hour away from us. They do amazing work and I am pretty excited. We don't have any professional pictures yet so it would be nice to get some of Liam and some as a whole family. They have a special package where it features pictures of the baby's backside haha, I can't wait!

I can't believe a new year is almost here. It feels as if 2011 JUST started and here we are, almost to 2012. Time flies and sometimes I wish it would slow down a little bit.

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