November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Week!

I am so excited that it's almost Thanksgiving! Don't get me wrong, I love seeing family and everything...but I LOVE food haha. Thanksgiving food is the day to cheat on any diet, to eat various foods and the GOOD goods. I love turkey, mashed potatoes and PIE. Come on, who doesn't love pie? Only crazy people ha. Sorry, but it has to be the truth. The diet my husband and I are on is going well. Thanksgiving is our cheat day for sure though. We are going down to his grandma's house to meet up with everyone and enjoy an early dinner. I'm sure i'll be picking my dad up to tag along on the way. Should be interesting with Liam there and also some other babies ha. This time last year, I was only a month or two pregnant. How crazy how fast time flies! I kind of wish we could do our own thanksgiving but I could never cook a big turkey in our apartment ha, let alone want to do all that work with a baby. Maybe one day we will. It will be nice to have Liam's first Thanksgiving with family though. Too bad he can't eat any of the yummy food! I am just glad Adam is here this year again. He wasn't the year before last. Nothing better than being there with family!

What are all of your plans for Thanksgiving? What foods do you enjoy most?

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