December 10, 2011

Christmas, Steals and Photos

I have been pretty busy running around lately! Where to start? Well first off, I started making an ornament wreath! I finished that today, but it took 4 hours. I guess it wouldn't take as long if Liam wasn't here, but what can you do? It was fun and easy, but time consuming. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I pretty much followed this blog here, except I used floral wire since I couldn't find a wire hanger at the dollar store, oops. Anyway, I now have it hanging up in our living room! I made the bow and everything! I'm quite proud of myself.

Besides that keeping me busy, I also visited a friend who is soon moving to Texas. That is one thing about the military, your friends move away. She has family up here though, so I'm sure I'll see her eventually. Anyway, before I visited her, I stopped by Target. One of the sites I follow for couponing is Coupon Connections. Well, they found a deal by someone where Target had big gift sets of Johnson's baby (or Aveeno) for $4.49 or something like that. Mind you, these are originally $9.99. This sale was unadvertised. Luckily I went there and found some (although I almost missed them - glad I went around a second time). I had coupons for $2/2 bottles, but it didn't exclude gift sets. Long story short, I got these bad boys for $5...for BOTH. Once again, these are originally $9.99 EACH. What a steal that was! I was happy too because Liam is almost out of bath wash!

After all that excitement, I got to my friend's house. It's unbelievable how fast children grow. Her little ones are getting so big. I love that her daughter is only a month 1/2 older than Liam. Shes super cute and so is her son. She did a mini photoshoot of Liam too! You can check out more of her work here. She does amazing work too! I love the pictures she took of Liam. Ignore my face in one or two of them though. ;) I had so much fun and Liam loved her family. I can't wait to get pictures of him (and all three of us) done next month.

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