January 2, 2012

Steals and Deals

Good old Albertsons had fantastic deals when I went. I love when they have their twice the value (ttv) coupons where they double any manufacture coupon (even if it says 'do not double') up to $1. At first, I got the paper, but wasn't really going to do the ttv since we are trying to save money. I know that couponing helps save but I didn't want to go blow some money on things we don't really need, even though in the long run it saves. Anyway, I changed my mind and spent a good hour in there looking at deals. They had a lot on clearance too so I was glad I brought more coupons than planned. I think Liam and I went through every aisle. Luckily he was a good baby and it was his nap time so he slept up until we got in line to check out haha.

Paid $30, worth about $85
I love when there are holiday's and then there are clearances. I scored the cookie sheets, candy and beer from that for 75% off each. I want to go back for more candy lol because those two bags were about $0.99 each. What a steal. There are a bunch of carts full. My husband is excited about the beer because it is marked down to $10.99 and he always wanted to try a pumpkin ale. Win for the wife ha. Those cookie sheets are on sale for $2.xx so that was nice since ours is old and rusty. Other breakdowns (x's since I can't remember exact cents) that I can remember from the top of my head:

Tree top apple juice - $1.99
On sale for 10/$10
$1/2 printable (doubled) = 2 FREE

Ricola Dual Action cough drops - $2.19
On sale for 2/$3
$1/1 printable (doubled) = FREE

Oral-B toothbrush - $3.xx
On clearance for $0.80
$0.75/1 (doubled) = FREE + $0.70 overage

Wet Ones Singles - $1.99
On sale for $1.49
$0.75/1 (doubled) = FREE + $0.01 overage

Pantene Hair Care - $4.49
On clearance for $2.xx
$3/2 = 2 for $1.xx

 Gillette Bodywash - $5.xx
On sale for $3.99
$1/1 (doubled) = $1.99

The rest I just can't remember and I threw my info away, oops. You get the idea though, it wasn't bad! I went in with a certain list of a few things and walked out with all of that. Going in there with coupons can be dangerous sometimes haha. They had Terry's chocolate orange candy (if you know what I am talking about) for 75% off too, but I think either those coupons were expired or I left them at home. I was so mad haha. They were probably $0.25 or something crazy. Oh well, like we need more candy ha. I was tempted to get them without a coupon since they are good, but I didn't need it. This could be close to or THE greatest trip I have done yet. 

Do you have any steals or deals you have found?


  1. Good job! Saving money is a wonderful feeling. :0)

    I am sad that the area I live in does not double or triple coupons. It would be amazing if some of the stores could bring that back. I could save just a little bit more at the grocery store.

  2. None of the stores here have that either...except Albertsons when they come out with their doubler coupons every once in a while in the paper.


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