January 12, 2012

We're In Trouble Now

I just want to say that Liam is growing up so fast. In fact, I think he seriously needs to slow down a little. Yesterday afternoon, I was doing something in the kitchen and he was playing with toys on the floor. Well, I come in to check up on him (because I could hear him closer to the kitchen area) and I find him standing up via the ottoman! I had it in between the loveseat and the big chair so he couldn't reach the kitchen, dining room and fireplace. He did it a lot after that; but it shocks me how random he started doing that. Granted, I hate hearing that 'thud' followed by a cry. He will learn in time though. My little boy is growing up!!

Blurry; I'll get a better picture later

On another note - any ideas to give my blog a new face? I get bored of layouts easily...like back when Myspace was up and popular, I changed my profile at least once a week ha. Anyway, I think my blog needs a new look; a cleaner look. It needs more oomph and less clutter. Although it's not that bad, but I hate clutter. Any ideas? Any help would be nice! Not sure what I want it to look like yet, but we will see. I hope to work on it one of these days or maybe this weekend.

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