February 26, 2012

EIGHT Months

I usually don't post twice in a day, but I felt like I needed to tell the world that my son is EIGHT months old today. HOW in the world did he become so old already? I wish time would slow down. It really does fly though, let me tell you! He is doing so much now! He walks with his little walker, he can stand by himself for about .5 seconds. He crawls EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I will walk into the bathroom and I will here little banging noises behind me because he follows. It's so cute, but annoying sometimes haha. He gets into EVERYTHING as well. Mostly he likes to use the TV stand to stand up and chew on it, or chew on Martin's cat toys. He takes baths without his infant/baby bath tub. He loves bubble baths because it's something new and so he splashes around in those. He recently learned that if there is a box on the floor (like my husband's shoe box), he can push it over to where he wants it and stand on it to get higher; that is pretty awesome interesting. He can eat cheerios as snacks now, which helps money wise. He still loves his mum-mums and puffs though. I even gave him part of a banana the other day. I can't wait until we can try other foods. He is just doing all kinds of things now. Sometimes it's weird to think that he was this not so little tiny baby.

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