February 11, 2012


Yesterday was good to me! I finally got my 4th tattoo that I have been itching to get for 2 years now. You can view my other three HERE. I have been trying to decide what to get to honor Liam. I always wanted to get tattoos for my children. Well, I finally figured it out. I had my artist (that did the 3rd tattoo) do a shamrock with the trinity celtic knot inside (which can mean numerous things, but to me means love or family like 'father, mother, child' type) and Liam's name. I love how it turned out but let me tell you, the very top part did hurt! It wasn't bad at all though, at least not as bad as I though. It's on my left wrist and I love the spot chosen.

Do you have any tattoos? Link up with me and share!!


  1. http://ashgollasch2011.blogspot.com/2012/01/tattoos.html

    Those are my two tattoos and like you I am itching to get another one. We are hoping for March. I want this http://pinterest.com/pin/6473993184183082/ swimming up my left side. Its going to hurt though.

  2. http://www.casadenicole.com/2012/01/sorry-mom.html

    I Just got my FIRST tattoo about 3 weeks ago! & I LOVE it! I am completely obsessed and already have at least 3 more in mind! =D


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