April 20, 2012

Our Third Anniversary

Bare with me, I have a ton of pictures to show you all. The husband and I ended up choosing Astoria, Oregon for our anniversary this year. We left Liam with his grandma and headed down. Luckily, if we went the 'back way' as I call it, they are on the way down anyhow. We ended up staying for two nights and came home yesterday. We had a fantastic time and visited a lot of places. We even bought wine (since it was way cheaper to do a 'case' of six bottles of wine) and did a mini wine tasting in our room ha. Although, we still have three bottles unopened and another two or three that are 3/4 the way full.

First off, we went to the Maritime Museum where were toured the Columbia ship and looked at all kinds of neat exhibits. They had a lot of rooms open on the Columbia light ship. You can view were they slept and ate even. After that, we went to our hotel room and enjoyed our tub and movies. The next day, we ended up going to Fort Clatsop with Lewis and Clark. They had the fort open and all kinds of exhibits for that as well. We walked down and viewed the canoe, the water and the 'river' where they caught fish and drinking water.

After Fort Clatsop, we ended up viewing the Astoria Column. It is 124 feet high and has 164 stairs to the top. I was extremely winded, but I made it to the top! They even had little wooden airplanes to drop from the top. I could view all of Astoria, which is bigger than you think. I could see the whole bridge as well, which is my favorite. Let me tell you, I definitely did not stay up there too long. It was so windy and I was a bit terrified (not going to lie). I had fun though, but I doubt I will ever climb it again if I end up in Astoria again. At least I can check that off my accomplished book.

The day before, we ended up going to this nice place called Bridgewater Bistro, along the water. It was really nice and that was the gift from my dad. Adam had prime rib, while I had duck. We also shared cheese fondue. It was a nice dinner and a nice night. I'm glad we chose that place. I would definitely go back. The next night, we had dinner at the Rogue Public House. Something less 'classy' where Adam could get a few beers and such. We each had Kobe burgers and beers. For the rest of the night, we enjoyed more movies and our lovely view from the hotel.

On the way home, we took a different route. First off, we noticed there were sea lions on the docks by the pub. We ended up coming back that morning to see them before we left. We also decided to visit Cape Disappointment on the way home. The weather was crappy and I am pretty sure I am getting sick now, but we enjoyed ourselves. It was a lot of fun. One day I want to go back there because we had a lot of fun. I am glad to be home though. We both missed Liam a lot and I can tell he missed us too. It was nice to get away for a while though. It was a great anniversary. Here's to many more!


  1. Congrats on your 3 years =D Sounds like you guys had a great time! I've been planning my 1st anniversary since my honeymoon lol It's between Vegas or Big Bear mountains.

    1. Thank you!! We did have a great time, for sure! Oh I bet Vegas would be fun! I want to go one day. Although those mountains sound great too! I'd probably go there haha. Something about a stay in the mountains in the snow with a fireplace and hot tub sounds FANTASTIC. =]


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