April 17, 2012

Take Two (Steals and Deals)

Well, as I am waiting to leave, thought I would update real fast on my second trip from yesterday. You can say I am addicted. However, I mostly went back for a few things I couldn't get last night. I am a big cleaning nut when it comes to the kitchen. I love to use Lysol wipes and my husband uses cleaning spray (hence the bottles from yesterday ha). Anyway, I didn't have the wipes coupon yesterday, but I have it today! Anyway, here were my deals. I spend only $12 on $60 worth! Nice random little haul!

On another note, we are getting ready to head down to Oregon for our anniversary. The mother in law is watching Liam for us and luckily she is on the way down there if we go the back way. Should be a good time, although it may be cloudy and/or rainy. Expect a blog post later this week! Until then, I hope you all have a great week and I can't wait to get back and share with you all, plus catch up on posts myself!

$60 worth, for $12 (80% savings)
Lysol Wipes - $3.99 (got 4)
On sale for 2/$5
$1/2 (doubled x2) = $1.50 each
*Plus (2) $1 manufacture catalinas (for buying 2) good on next transaction (that I doubled)
PLUS I have a mail in rebate form for one can ($3.99 so it's all free).
Healthy Choice - $3.19 (got 4)
On sale for 4/$6 ($1.50 each)
$1/2 (doubled x2) = $0.50 each
Zatarain's Rice - $1.99/$2.49 (got 3)
On sale for 10/$10
$0.50/1 (doubled) = $0.66 each

Wonderful Pistachios - $4.99  (got 1)
$1/1 (doubled) = $2.99
Hostess Donettes - $1.69 (got 1)
On sale for 10/$10
$0.50/1 (doubled) = FREE

Nexcare Bandaids - $3.99 (got 1)
On clearance for $1.50
$0.55/1 (doubled)  = $0.40

Ocean Spray Craisins - $3.19 (got 1)
Coupon for FREE item  = FREE

Loreal Hair Color - $9.99 (got 1)
On clearance for $3.77
$1/1 (doubled)  = $1.77

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