May 31, 2012

How Is My Child 11 Months Old?

I am so sorry followers! I have been busy getting things ready for Liam's party, so I totally forgot to blog about Liam's 11 month status. Obviously I can't write too much as far as actual stats because he doesn't have another check up until he's one. However, I can tell you how incredible crazy awesome he is. This kid, let me tell you; he is a big ball of energy already. His favorite thing to do is climb onto our ottoman and try to climb on the couches (or climb up people). One day he will hurt himself though, but it's still funny to me. The one thing I LOVE that he does now is that he will run away from me, laugh and fall over when I go after him to tickle him. It is the cutest thing ever. He has such a personality now, it is ridiculous. As far as foods goes, he loves just about anything. He is finally eating almost 100%
'people' food (as I call it). We give him baby food every once in a while when I forget and don't set any food out for him (since we eat later than he does a lot of the time - that has to change). He loves toast any kind of carb though. Pasta, bread, you name it! He also has been trying to eat with his spoon. What a sight that is to watch.

I am pretty sure he had a growth spurt about a week or so ago. He was sleeping crazy patterns and eating a LOT. He seems a lot bigger now but maybe that is just me. He seems to be doing well though. He's practically almost running and dances to music. He's always yelling or babbling about something. He says what sounds like wee and no ha. He continues to get into everything! He's being doing good about things though. We tell him no and he usually stops. Other than that, he's doing the same old stuff. I can't believe I will have a one year old soon. I have been getting his stuff ready for the party. I'm quite excited. I think I am going way far into detail for his party, but I like decorating and being crafty. One... I still can't get over that...ONE YEARS OLD. Eeeeek.


  1. Wow! What a cutie! He's growing up so fast. How fun planning a party =D

    1. He is! I can't believe it! Haha thank you! I think i'm going a little overboard with it so I have to remember he is only ONE...not 12 ;)


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