May 14, 2012

Things Have Been...Busy

I haven't been posting as I usually do. I promise that once Liam's birthday is over, or at least until I get things done, I will start posting more. I am making his invites myself, baking the cupcakes and his mini cake myself. I have started getting the decore I need and everything else ready. I have just been all over the place! We still have over a month left, but I am still acting like I don't have any time at all!

As for Mother's Day, it was laid back. I just spent the day at home, being lazy ha. It's been pretty hot out, more like summer weather than spring. I have been out enjoying that as well. The husband made a nice dinner of filet mignon and we watched a few movies. Liam was being extra cuddly too ha. I hope those of you who are mothers also had a good day!

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